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Who says we’re not going places ?

Who says we’re not going places ?

Author: Bruce Southerden, GoPal.Travel founder

Published: 14-07-2021

It seems lots of people are saying travel has stopped in its tracks. True?

Maybe not.


There’s some evidence that around the world people are travelling even more now, after last year’s initial shutdown due to virus fears and restrictions. Just to different places.


Travelling is in everyone’s DNA. If not, we would still be a few colonies in Central Africa and maybe others spread around the world of people who stepped out of their comfort zones.


People everywhere are seeing more of their own countries than ever before. Also border restrictions vary considerably across the continents and, motivated to just “get out and explore”, they are finding new ways and new places to travel.


GoPal’s mission remains : to help all of us who still love to travel, want new experiences in different places and feel a need to have someone else go along with us (but can’t get a friend to join up).


We know many of our members are still venturing out and if not halfway around the world then in their own parts of it - in Australia, Britain and Europe, America, Africa and everywhere.


So it might be harder for someone to link up with a good companion living far away to meet up along the way for that bigger adventure. However GoPal now makes it even easier to search locally for someone to do the trips with you to all those places you can still get to. The update enabling your search for someone else perhaps closer to where you live is certainly welcome news at this particular time !