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Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Tips


Published: 29-04-2019

Your GoPal.Travel website seeks to best combine simplicity and members’ privacy to help everyone find good travel companions (and help others find you) easily and safely. We are happy to help if you experience any problems. However, here are some tips that may save you the trouble of contacting us.


“Not receiving messages at this time”

This is not always due to you or another member ticking/unticking their “no messages” box. It appears also when the age or gender filters do not match, simply to avoid you getting unwanted messages.

“Validating” on joining

If you do not click to “validate” from your welcome email you will not be able to do anything with your account such as amending your profile or resetting your password. This is another safety factor for you.

Things slowing down? Or not working?  

Sadly, age can be a factor with both systems and devices since updates can no longer cope as well as we'd like. If a message does not come through properly or an error page pops up our first thought is the system has a problem. However it can be an old tablet, phone or PC with its operating system getting tired - or an older search engine (although in both cases still OK with simpler tasks so it looks fine). One suggestion worth trying is to switch to Google Chrome, sometimes better with downloads. 

Join or Sign In?

As a member, use “Sign In” every time you come back to GoPal. “Join” is only for someone new to open a GoPal account for the first time.

Deleting your account 

At GoPal we prefer not to interfere with the member database. If you no longer wish to be a GoPal member just sign in and click on My Settings and right at the very bottom (under the blue Update Profile strip) you’ll see a link you can click to remove your profile and close your account.

Searching Members

Going through profiles of others can be interesting but also tiring, we know, particularly when going back after checking someone else’s profile. At present this is unavoidable but we have made it a little easier so you only need to get back to the numbered page you were on (not page one). When you find another member of interest make her/him a favourite to easily get back to, which might help avoid some of that scrolling. 

Bookings via GoPal.Travel

Whilst we encourage members to book with our Travel Partners (importantly when you are logged in to our site so that the 1% for the Planet donation is enabled) please note your booking is made directly with our Partners. Any question of whether a booking via GoPal is safe or not simply does not arise – it is solely between you and the principal travel operator (not even a local travel agent in the middle). GoPal has no financial part in the booking process at all.

Special Needs?

Booked on a trip you can’t cancel? Or perhaps you’ve experienced another unexpected issue and now need someone to travel with? Try putting these details into your Profile. You never know when another member might come along and fit into your new plans.