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Don't need a travel companion?

Don't need a travel companion?

Author: Team GoPal

Published: 20-05-2019

Don't need a travel companion?

There’s still good reason to join GoPal!

 More and more, we are seeing appeals to stop climate change – the biggest threat to us all.

Placards in city centres around the world urging for more to be done are one thing but what can each of us do? Yes - taking our own mug to buy a coffee, shopping without plastics, walking instead of driving, solar panels … all those small and bigger things and changes of habit add up.

We at GoPal can also make a difference with your help.

Aside from finding a great travel companion we welcome members simply looking for another option with their travel plans through our Partners. For everything from flights and accommodation to cruises, tours, rentals and even insurance.

As a GoPal Traveller you can expect good prices, deals and service. However even if prices are the same as elsewhere, every booking made through GoPal goes towards donations made by us to recognised environmental causes certified by 1% for the Planet.

Just another step that each one of us can take. It all counts!