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Choosing the right profile photo

Choosing the right profile photo

Author: Bruce Southerden

Published: 29-10-2019

Who was it who said "Most people don't like their own photos"?

Perhaps true, but for us in GoPal it's best to let others get a good idea of who you are, with something about who you are in your profile. What you feel others might wish to know if you want them to start a conversation with you - rather than just "I want to go somewhere warm " although understandable right now if you live in the Northern Hemisphere"

Just as useful, of course, is your photo since it's human nature that people often prefer to see what others look like when thinking potential travel companions. So our best advice is not to put in a picture out of Star Wars or the pet cat, but just yourself - not you and a friend so nobody can tell which is you - and closer than from across the lake or a silhouette against the setting sun - even if you are not particularly fond of the picture yourself.

It will work better for you than a blank avatar that others will more likely ignore and skip past to check other members.

Trouble downloading your picture?

If it comes out sideways then try a different picture. Or it could be the search engine if no download happens at all - Google Chrome seems to work OK in lots of cases when there are problems downloading photos online.