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Frequently Asked Questions

What does GoPal cost?

GoPal is free for all members to show their profiles and interests to other members, to receive messages and respond to those messages. GoPal's only fee is for members wishing to send messages to others to initiate conversation - just US$9 per month, cancellable at any time, for Premium membership which also provides benefit of stronger display of your profile.

Is this just another dating or matchmaking site?

Definitely not! All those sites can be helpful, but GoPal is strictly a “travel club” you can join, for free, to find a suitable travel companion –for one trip or more. Or just to be able to check our special Travel Deals whenever you like … even if you don't need help looking for a companion. It's open to everyone!

Are there any limitations on the type of companion I can look for?

None at all. You can search for someone of the same or opposite sex, in the same or a different age group, from your own city or another city or even country. Someone who has similar interests to you, or someone who is completely different. We all look for different things in a companion and the kind of person you search for is entirely up to you. And you can change your criteria at any time, to match your destination, the length of your trip, the time of year. Just let us know, using the settings in your profile, and we’ll do our best to help you find your ideal travel companion.

Why can’t I see members’ profiles?

You need to be a GoPal member. Profiles are not available for public (non-member) viewing as part of our broader aim to help protect members wherever possible. If you can't see a particular member's profile but can see others it is simply that he/she has elected (in My Settings) to hide their profile and not receive messages at this time.

Should I wait until I’m sure where I want to go before joining GoPal?

No. Joining GoPal doesn’t lock you in to searching for a travel companion right away. So if you’ve been thinking of going to Vietnam, but also have the Maldives in mind, joining now gives you time to find a potential travelling companion for either or both those destinations, and ensures you won’t miss any of GoPal’s special travel offers and discounts for these or other destinations.

I tried to join but my email has already been taken?

Most likely you would have been recorded into the database from an earlier look at GoPal. Just go to "sign in" instead of "join" and you will be taken to the page asking you to complete your profile.

Where does my new GoPal companion have to come from?

Anywhere in the world. You might prefer to travel with someone from your own city or country, but GoPal can also connect you with people in other cities and countries. And even if you and your potential travel companion live far apart, it’s easy to get to know each other through GoPal Messages, Skype, Facetime or phone calls. Travelling with someone from far away might even be an advantage if they come from somewhere interesting, speak another language or have different skills or ideas that might help when planning your trip.

If my new companion and I plan to travel together again, should I keep my registration?

We hope you will, even if you decide you won’t need to find any more “matches”, because your membership is a nice, easy gateway to explore our Travel Deals for new destinations and to check GoPal's special discounts and offers.

Is GoPal a safe place for me to meet others?

We do our best to make GoPal a safe place for everyone. Your identity is completely protected until you are comfortable for other GoPal members to know more than just your first name and profile information, and you decide when/if to make contact with them. Two “golden rules” we strongly suggest you keep in mind are: always pay your own way (or pool funds before making a combined booking) and never pack or carry anyone else’s luggage. Of course any website can attract people who might not be who they seem, but using Skype and Facetime for face-to-face chats can help screen out such members. And please do not hesitate to report any unacceptable behaviour to GoPal at any time.

Is my privacy protected?

Absolutely. This is one of the most important pillars of GoPal. Our exclusive database holds only your name, address, photo and preferred destinations (and subscription details if you are a Premium member). Each GoPal member also has a unique ID/code that allows us to suggest companions for you. When we notify you of possible travel partners and you have the chance to look them up, it is entirely your choice whether you contact them or share your contact details. GoPal will not give your personal information or contact details to any travel operators or other companies, unless you opt in to receive emails offering ads or offers from our travel partners.

Is GoPal just for singles?

Not at all. You might be a couple wanting to drive through Monument Valley in Utah and do some walking or climbing with another active couple and maybe save costs such as sharing a van and fuel. Or a single mum looking for another with a child of similar age to join on a cruise with the obvious benefits for all, including both children.

What if the whole trip goes pear-shaped?

Talking to your new travel companion before the trip, and meeting them if possible, is a good way to determine if you might be compatible. Beyond that, you won’t really know if you travel well together until you, well, travel together. For other types of problems, make sure you always take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy with a reputable insurer that has a 24/7 global emergency contact number.

What type of trips can I do?

Really anything you want to do. You might want to explore another country or another part of your own, travel just with your new travelling companion or join a group tour together, take a cruise, go walking in Italy, spend a week at a tropical resort, drive the Great Ocean Road or do a long-distance train trip across Canada. The whole world is your oyster, and we’ll do our best to help you enjoy it.

How long will it take to find a travelling companion?

That’s hard to say, but the good news is you’ve sped up the process simply by joining GoPal. We’ll send you possible matches as they emerge from our database and more members are always joining so it pays to keep checking the website. Having said that, it’s a good idea to plan ahead: you’re more likely to find someone to go with you on a river cruise in Europe next year than next month. All we ask is that you tell us when you’ve stopped searching, as a courtesy to other GoPal members seeking travel companions.

Can I search for someone with a particular personality?

Not at this stage. GoPal’s mission is to put people together and let you figure out if you get along or not. But you can improve your chances by being clear and honest in your profile (click here for tips for writing a great profile) that will attract compatible travel companions. And when you start connecting with potential matches, by email or Skype for instance, you’ll soon discover if you get along.

How does booking my travel through GoPal help the planet?

Because GoPal is a member/partner of the global 1% for the Planet movement, whenever you book any travel through the GoPal website up to one per cent of your travel cost will be donated to an environmental organisation certified by 1% for the Planet. To learn more, click here

Does contributing to 1% for the Planet cost more when I book through GoPal?

Helping the planet doesn’t cost you a cent more when you book travel through GoPal. Just book, and do good – at our expense. It’s our way of being an environmentally responsible travel business.

How does GoPal fit into the booking process?

GoPal's only involvement is that when you book with our Travel Partners they will have a record of you as a GoPal member (when you click on a Travel Partner whilst logged in with GoPal) - absolutely nothing else. You deal directly with the Travel Partners for everything: booking confirmations, itineraries, payments etc. (not even a travel agent or other intermediary).

How do I cancel my membership?

Simply go to "My Settings" and scroll down to the blue "Update Profile" strip then below that you will see the line saying "If you wish to remove your profile and close your account click here

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