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About GoPal

The world seems full of travelling couples. And solo travellers happily exploring. But there are also those of us who feel as if we’re not seeing as much of this wonderful world as we would like to, for one simple reason: “I don’t have anyone to go with.”

GoPal is here to help. To bring like-minded people together – not for life (this is not a dating site), just for your next trip. We can help you find a travel pal, someone to travel with.

Experience the fun of planning a trip with someone, sharing ideas, having someone to help with the organisation – then setting off together.

You don’t have to find someone who lives near you. There are GoPal members all over the world and there’s nothing to stop you travelling with one of them. In fact, this increases your chances of finding someone compatible to travel with. You might fly out of Sydney, your GoPal companion might join you in Abu Dhabi and from there you could both board a flight to Casablanca, Morocco.

You can also relax knowing that your safety and privacy are our top priority, see our FAQ for more information.

GoPal is free to join and the member benefits extend beyond finding a travel companion and avoiding single supplements. You can use your GoPal membership to access a range of travel deals that will give you discounts when booking everything from flights and cruises to hotel rooms and multi-day tours.

What are you waiting for?

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